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The following describes the general terms and conditions that apply to the use of this site and the services offered on it. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you should not use this site. By using the site, you demonstrate compliance to the terms and conditions, and you offer your consent to adhere to the rules, policies and legislation related to the use of this site.

Permitted Users: This site is not directed towards the use of persons 18 years or under.

Your responsibility in regards to use of our sites: It is your responsibility as user of the site Diversified Aircraft Finance to use it for the purpose for which it was created-to provide information about the aeronautical finance  industry and to facilitate your communication on line. Any use of our site which is not in compliance with the purpose created is prohibited. Our security systems have been constantly monitored for such activities. If we have reason to believe that an individual or organization has confirmed artificial traffic, we reserve the right to cancel that individual's access to our site without further notice. You should not use a "robot" or "spider" or any automated or manual device with the purpose of, to monitor or copy our web pages or the materials or information contained on the site without our previous consent in writing. Utilizing any kind of device, software or routine to interfere or intend to interfere with the operation of this site: reproduce, transmit, distribute, exhibit or show public ally, create jobs derived from information or material contained on the site without our previous consent in writing and the consent of third parties involved; extract information relative to Copyright Laws; trademarks registered or Property Rights that are found on the site; utilizing any method to reveal or duplicate the method, including inverse engineering or reverse compiling or reverse assembly for any purpose; introduce any information that could contain viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, time bombs or other programming element destined to damage or interfere or intercept surreptitiously or expropriate a system, data or personal information is strictly prohibited. The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the name, number or expiration date of the credit card of all activities that are indicated through the registry of such information on our web site. To avoid that, third parties can utilize this when it remains in the memory of the terminal used for your order. 

Modifications: DIVERSIFIED AIRCRAFT FINANCE reserves the right to modify these terms and condition at any moment. It is your responsibility as a user of the site, to direct yourself periodically to this page to check on the Terms and to verify any modifications. The modified terms and conditions will be in effect automatically after their introduction. Continual use of this site after modifications have been added constitutes the agreement of the client or user to adhere to the new terms and conditions. Diversified Aircraft Finance reserves the right for any reason and without previous notice to add products to the list, modify prices, change shipping policies, remove or modify information or material on the site, and deny access to the user to the site without providing any reason or previous notice. We can also modify any and all of our services at any moment, which signifies, for example that we can cancel sales at our total discretion at any moment. 

Property Rights: All of the information, data, text, graphics, images, photographs, audio and video clips, logos, icons, and software that appear on the site, are the property of Diversified Aircraft Finance, Image provided courtesy of Bombardier Inc, McDonald Douglas, De Havilland and Bell Helicopter, our providers, our representatives and our authorized providers. These materials may only be used for the express use of this site as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. The Diversified Aircraft Finance logo is a registered trademark and represents the services of Diversified Aircraft Finance. All other registered trademarks, trademarks or logos that are used in relation to the site are registered trademarks, trademarks or logos of their respective owners. The digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) protects them from violations of copyright of material that appears on the internet and violates the rights of the author; this is reinforced under the auspices of the Copyright Laws of the United States. If you consider in good faith that the articles, information or other materials on this web site violates the rights of the author, you or your representative can send us a note or letter soliciting that said article information or material be removed or have access blocked from stated site. If you consider in good faith that we have wrongfully sent you a notification of copyright violation, than DMCA provides the right for the notified to send a contra notification. These notifications comply with the legal requisites imposed by the DMCA. The web site for the Offices of Copyright Laws in The United States, currently located at URL www.loc.gov/copyright/.gov offers information to the respect. All notification on the sites should be directed to Customer Service. We recommend legal representation or advice be sought before sending notification of Copyright violation, because serious sanctions can be applied towards false claims. 

Access, Quality and Confidentiality of Services: Except when necessary and during periods of program maintenance, Diversified Aircraft Finance applies significant technical and commercial efforts to maintain the availability of this site. Notwithstanding, Diversified Aircraft Finance can suffer technical difficulties that may effect your access to the site. DIVERSIFIED AIRCRAFT FINANCE, OUR PATRONS and PROVIDERS, and our LICENSED REPRESENTATIVES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE AND REJECT EXPRESSLY ALL RESPONSIBILITY RELATING TO DIFFICULTIES IN ACCESSING THIS SITE. Under no circumstance will we, our patrons, providers, or licensed representatives be held responsible for damages caused due to misuse by others of the confidential information provided on this site. It is the user's sole responsibility to evaluate the confidence and precision of all opinions, advice or information available on this site. Even though the site is available to the world in general, not all products and services posted on the site are available for all geographical sectors. Diversified Aircraft Finance reserves the right to limit the availability of the site to determinate persons, geographical zones or jurisdictions at any given moment at their total discretion. If you are located outside of the United States, you accept and admit that the use of the site does not violate any local law, including, without limitation all legislation, statute, ordinance or rule and that you will adhere to these regulations. 

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify, defend, and maintain Diversified Aircraft Finance and our patrons, providers, or licensed representatives and our respective directories, functionaries, employees, consultants, agents and other free agents, free of all claims and liability, costs and expenses, including reasonable professional honorariums that may arise from the violation of our site's Terms and Conditions. 

Disclaimer: No representation or warranty is made as to whether users of this website may qualify for any finance scenario posted on this website or that any financing scenario is yet available as indicated on this website. Information provided on this website is not an offer of funds or a commitment to fund and is for discussion purposes only.

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This agreement is initiated in the State of Oklahoma and is beholden to the laws of Oklahoma. All sections of the agreement have been submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts of the State of Oklahoma, and cede the rights of jurisdiction to the stated courts. In all actions to uphold these terms, the petitioner will have the right to receive costs and honorariums related to the case. In the case that these dispositions will be considered not applicable by the court appointed they will be limited or eliminated to a minimum necessary in a way that the rest of the Terms will be kept current and effective and may be applied. The Terms can be solely modified according to the establishment of the introduction. The terms constitute the complete agreement between parties with reference to this theme. In any moment at the solicitude of Diversified Aircraft Finance, you should sign a non-electronic version of the present agreement. 

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please contact us for customer service. 


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